Trying to know where to begin.

Hey everybody! Lizzie here.

It’s been a long time since I last blogged — 3 children and 3 (or 4?) moves! So let’s just pretend that never happened.

Honestly, I don’t have a “theme” for this. I just get the urge to write things down sometimes, and I figure if anyone else enjoys it, hooray. If not, I still get free therapy.

Life seems pretty simple to me, but now that I sit down to try to explain it, I don’t even know where to start! So let’s just do this bullet-point style and dive right in.

  • I’m happily married to maybe the best husband in the world, Justin. He is kind and caring and hard working. Best of all, he really, truly cares for the family and for every person he meets. I have never met someone with such unending energy for connection and love. He is such a gift. Justin works at Veterans United Home Loans as an Account Manager, and he does a great job.
  • My 1st born daughter is named Arane, which is pronounced AIR-ah-nay and means peace. And lo, she lives up to her name quite well. Example: today I kept wondering where she was. Kept finding her tucked into little corners looking at books. Books. I ask you. Such a troublemaker.
  • My youngest is named Verity, which means truth. And lo, she too lives up to her name quite well. She speaks her truth in no uncertain terms, and has since the very second she was born. (The nurse said she had never heard such a loud, unhappy baby before.) Verity is actually very sweet and her truth sometimes is great things, like, “But I wuv you, mama.”
  • My oldest kiddo (not my 1st born) has an actual name, but until he is 18, we have to call him “M.” M is an Eastern European teen who we first got to know through New Horizons for Children. We hosted M twice for a total of about 10 weeks, and then I got to go visit him in his own country for 10 days in March 2017! We love M so much and are trying to bring him back to America more permanently to finish high school and to live as a family all together.
  • We also have 2 cats, Seamus and Percy, who are outdoor only because I got tired of scooping the box. #fulldisclosure
  • I’m a stay at home mom who picks up some side gigs (babysitting and the like) and spends a lot of time fundraising for M’s student visa fees. More on that later.
  • We live in a big, rambling country house in the Midwest. It’s a bit of a challenging place but we have grown to love it.

Enough on that for now. Stay tuned for some themed posts that hopefully someone will find enjoyable, or at least not leave nasty comments about. (I aim high, people.)


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