Wherein I throw a super rockin’ Princess Party.

Okay, so I’m just going to throw this out there. I love hosting parties and events and gatherings. I love it when friends come over! Justin has a lot of dudes in and out of the house regularly, Arane and Verity have little friends come over, I have ladies over. I just enjoy hospitality and I think it’s an area that God has gifted me in.

This year, Arane turned 5. 5 years old, people. I’m not old enough for this. ๐Ÿ™‚ However, the calendar doesn’t lie, and so she turned 5 on June 12.

Because of some crazy things happening in life (Latvia fundraising, Justin’s birthday just 2 weeks prior, the dryer breaking… just to name a few…), I procrastinated the heck out of this party. I had a Pinterest board and bought some colored tulle at a yard sale one time. That was it.

Arane wanted a Princess Party, so gosh darnit, she was going to get a Princess Party! One thing about Arane is that she hardly ever asks for absolutely anything. She goes with the flow almost all the time. She only had one birthday gift idea (school supplies – thanks Danielle, Ellie, and Izzy!). So when she asks for a Princess Party… Mama tries to deliver.

We also had almost no money at the time. I had $30 from a babysitting gig, so that was my budget.

Also, I felt it was very important to plant fresh flowers next to my front door before the party or so help me God. Even though literally nobody probably even noticed that because it was so dang hot outside that day.

And I have to say, it turned out pretty well!

We made a little photo booth out of cardboard, foil, and Arane’s markers. ๐Ÿ™‚

We made “Princess snacks,” which were glittery rice crispy treats and chocolate-dipped pretzel rods and some popcorn with chocolate and glitter topping. I was going to make edible glitter myself, but saw it at Walmart for like $2 a pop, so went with that.

We got all of the decorations at the Dollar Tree, my favorite store ever. (When I checked out that day and my total for plates, cups, napkins, and decor was $8, I might have gushed to the cashier way more than was truly necessary.)

For party favors, we bought a bunch of necklaces and some princess crowns and gave them out at the start of the party. My mom took each child’s picture in the photo booth and then we turned on Cinderella for them to watch (Arane’s choice! I borrowed the movie from a friend – thanks Lori!)

We told the children to come dressed up in whatever makes them feel like royalty. Arane bought a new dress from Once Upon a Child (another place that makes me gush to the cashier) for a whopping $4.50. Meanwhile, Verity wore an Elsa themed dress-up dress that another friend found when we were at a yardsale together (thanks Janice!). So all told, we spent $5.50 on clothing for this shindig. I let each girl wear a fancy fake-pearl necklace that I already had.

And that was it. IT. We literally just invited kids over, watched a movie with snacks, opened presents, and ate cupcakes.

And I’m pretty sure all the kids had a blast. Arane was over the moon! The kids were relatively quiet and happy, and got to eat a lot of sugar! The parents just hung out and chatted! Cleanup was easy, the food was easy, the entertainment was so easy I hesitate to even mention it.

I think we may have come in slightly over $30 once we accounted for all of the food and drinks (pink “tropical punch,” whatever that is, and lemonade), but considering we had 10+ kids and their parents and some relatives, I think we did pretty good.

If I can do it, so can you. What is your favorite simple party to throw?

We don’t need to get all pinteresty to throw a great party. Just do what your child likes and roll with it!


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