When 4 Feels Wrong

This morning, I packed our towels and swim suits in a bag to take to the lake.

Justin’s stuff

My stuff

Arane’s stuff

Verity’s stuff

…and then I counted twice, because I could have sworn I was forgetting someone?

Then it hit me. The last time we went to the lake, there were 5 of us. M was here. It was early August of last year. The lake is one of his favorite places in America (second to, perhaps, his bed…).

But today there are 4 of us, not 5. Hopefully, M will be here in a little more than a month. One of his first requests is some lake time.

Please join us in praying for M – for his life, his future, his security and stability.  Pray that his student visa is approved so that he is allowed to come back to America!


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